Who has time for all this?

I had this great idea that I would start blogging and write at least every couple of days… But then my boys both started baseball, my grandma has been sick, some good friends moved away so we spent some often-missed time with them, my brother got sick and was in the hospital, and on and on… Not to mention I still have that pesky full-time job. And in the curse of perfectionism I though I’d gotten over, these things just became an excuse. Know thyself, right? 🙂

Life is busy, but in order to move on, I’ve got to get on it. It’s all about prioritizing.

I’ve found that saying, “I don’t have time for it” really means, “it’s not important enough for me to make time for it.” In all the craziness of the past two years, I’ve still managed to keep up with making my own shampoo, laundry detergent (except for once when we ran out and I had to go buy some… sigh), vanilla extract, hand soap, yogurt (ok so we just got burned out on this and recently started again), just to name a few. There are many other “hippie tree-hugger” things I get funny looks for. I just tell people they’d be surprised how easy these things are… don’t worry I’ll be posting recipes & instructions eventually. I may even figure out how to link back to them. 😉

How do you prioritize? Any easy ways to make the short 24 hours a day we’re given stretch a little further… I could sure use some help!