Why Magic?

“Psssshhhhh!” My 3 yr old splaying her fingers out, spews magic all over the windows. “Look! I froze the windows with my ice magic like Elsa!”

“You don’t have magic, August. It’s not real. Magic is only in movies. The windows were already frozen when we came out here,” her 4 yr old brother sneers. “If you have magic, then make it snow.”

“I’ll try… Psssshhhhhh!”

“But it doesn’t snow in Houston. It’s impossible!”

Ironically, just then it starts to sleet… “See?!? I did it!”

“Sorry, but that’s not really snow, Doll. Though that was kinda like magic.” Their older brother, a wise 9-going-on-15 yr old, joins the conversation. “Keegan, magic does exist. Mama says so. There are lots of things that we don’t understand or can’t be explained… that’s all magic.”

Phoenix goes on to explain how Mama’s “surgeries” always make an owie feel better, Papa hugs can make them feel safe, Mama always knows what they’re doing although she’s in a different room, Papa can make technology work effortlessly, and Mama can turn a pile of random stuff from the pantry and fridge into a yummy meal… The little ones join in shouting about rainbows, the waves crashing on the shore, butterflies in their cocoons, leaves changing colors in the fall, babies growing in their mommies’ tummies, the colorful flowers in our garden popping up again in the spring after dying in the winter, mamas always know when their babies are sick and can make them better, the colors of a beautiful sunset, the silver glow of the moon at night… It’s all magic.

As we get older, we’re taught magic doesn’t exist and we lose our sense of wonder. Letting go of the “silliness of childhood” is supposed to be some grand sign of maturity, but there are so many wonderful sayings about old being a state of mind. I know 80 year olds who are younger at heart than some 20 year olds who are trying so hard to be “grown up.” We shouldn’t have to live that long to figure it out… Live in the moment, take it all in, and absorb the magic of everyday life right now, wherever you are on your journey.

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